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Dear Students,

we would like to remind you that from the computers connected to the Humanitas and Hunimed network, from the electronic medical record (wHospital), via app and remotely, it is possible to access UpToDate, an EBM tool to support clinical decisions that is continuously updated.

How to access UpToDate

To have access to all the UpToDate functionalities you must access UpToDate from a computer connected to the Humanitas and Hunimed network or from the electronic medical record (wHospital) and register created your username and password UpToDate.

Those who have already created their UpToDate account only need to log in (not register).

UpToDate username and password are personal (not institutional Humanitas/Hunimed), must be noted and are used for:

-          Access to UpToDate anywhere from the website

-          Download the free mobile app  on 2 devices (iOS® or Android ™)

-          consult the history of your searches, bookmarks, view alerts and notifications

How to keep your UpToDate account active

To keep your UpToDate account active you must log into UpToDate from a computer connected to the Humanitas or Hunimed network AT LEAST once every 90 days.

For those who log in from wHospital or OFF CAMPUS through OPAC electronic resources it is enough to register or login once to make the UpToDate login automatic (single sign-on). However, is requested at least 1 access every 90 days.

How to recover UpToDate username and password

Those who have forgotten their username and password must open UpToDate, click on LOG IN and then click on the “Forgot username or password” link to receive the username and reset the password.

Once username and password have been recovered, to reactivate the account you must log in from a computer connected to Humanitas/Hunimed network, from wHospital or from OFF CAMPUS through OPAC electronic resources.

It is recommended that you note your username and password.

For further information the Library Staff is at your disposal from Mondays to Fridays, from 08:30am to 07:00pm or by e-mail at


Cari Studenti,

Vi ricordiamo che dai computer collegati alla rete Humanitas e Hunimed, dalla cartella clinica elettronica (wHospital),tramite app e da remoto, è possibile accedere a UpToDate, strumento EBM di supporto alle decisioni cliniche aggiornato di continuo.

Istruzioni per l’accesso a UpToDate

Per avere accesso a tutte le funzionalità UpToDate bisogna aprire UpToDate da un computer in rete Humanitas o Hunimed o da wHospital e registrarsi creando la propria username e password UpToDate. Chi ha già creato il proprio account UpToDate deve solo fare il login (non la registrazione).

Username e password UpToDate sono personali (non istituzionali Humanitas/Hunimed), vanno annotate e servono per:

-          accedere a UpTodate ovunque dal sito

-          scaricare l’applicazione mobile su 2 dispositivi (Ios o Android)

-          consultare la cronologia delle proprie ricerche, mettere i segnalibri, visualizzare avvisi e notifiche

Come mantenere attivo l’account UpToDate

Per mantenere attivo l’account UpToDate bisogna fare il login in UpToDate da un computer collegato alla rete Humanitas o Hunimed ALMENO una volta ogni 90 giorni.

Per chi accede da wHospital o da OFF CAMPUS attraverso le risorse elettroniche di OPAC è sufficiente fare la registrazione o login una sola volta per rendere il login UpToDate automatico (single sign-on). E’ comunque necessario almeno 1 accesso ogni 90 giorni.

Come recuperare username e password UpToDate

Chi ha dimenticato username e password deve aprire UpToDate, cliccare su ACCEDI e successivamente cliccare sul link “Forgot username or password” per ricevere la username e fare il reset della password.

Una volta recuperati username e password per riattivare l’account bisogna fare il primo login da un computer collegato alla rete Humanitas/Hunimed, da wHospital o da OFF CAMPUS attraverso le risorse elettroniche di OPAC.

E’ consigliato annotarsi username e password.

Per ogni necessità o dubbio lo Staff della biblioteca è a vostra disposizione dal lunedì al venerdì, dalle 08:30 alle 19:00 o all'e-mail

Library Staff