Campus Wireless Network


Humanitas University provides a secure and pervasive wireless network available in all buildings throughout the new Campus. 

Campus  Wi-Fi is easy to configure and connect to and allows a range of mobile devices to have access.

To use Wi-Fi you will need to setup your laptop, tablet or smartphone:

  1. What's my CampusID
  2. How do i connect to Wi-Fi Campus?
  3. Accettable Use Policy
  4. How can i get help you?

What's my CampusID?

You revceived your CampusID account by email from Office of Information Technology.

Student humanitas\'your username' 'your password'

We remind you that Password of your CampusID expires every three months. 

You can create a new CampusID password by following the instructions on this page.

How do i connect to Wi-Fi Campus?

Configure Wi-Fi Campus on your device. You should configure your laptop/mobile device as shown in the guides listed below.

Mobile Devices:

All users of Campus Wi-Fi must abide by the following policies and guidelines:

GARR Acceptable Use Policy

How can i get help you?

For further support or questions regarding connection Wi-Fi please contact the IT Service Desk:

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