Classroom Technology (VIA)

Wireless Presentation

From any laptop or mobile device, students, teachers or any in−room meeting participant can view the main display of the classroom. 

Your laptop or mobile device must be connected to Campus Wi-Fi

1.Click on your room

Room 02 Room 03 Room 04
Room 05 Room 06 Room 07

2.Run or Install VIA Application

3.Insert your Nickname and login

4.Click on Features Tab, then on View Main Display 

For further information, download the quick guide

About Smart classroom

Smart Classrooms are classrooms equipped with a wide range of instructional technologies to enhance students' learning experience.

In Humanitas Campus there are 18 Smart Classrooms; their locations are listed here

All Smart Classrooms contain the following core equipment

  • Wifi access
  • Ceiling-mounted LCD projector
  • Widescreen presentation of video and computer sources
  • Instructor podium with computer, touch screen
  • Laptop/USB connections
  • Microphone and Speakers

Advanced features in some rooms include whiteboards, touch screens, videoconference facilities and environmental controls. 

Use University equipment installed in classrooms.

Instructions for using the equipment in Smart Classroom are posted in the classrooms and are available for download in PDF format

If you experience any problems with Smart Classroom facilities or equipment, please contact the IT Help Desk at 7777. And don't forget to contact Office of Information technology at to schedule an orientation before your first class!

Web conferencing service - WebEx

WebEx is a web-based conferencing tool that allows students and faculty to host a variety of events, from small group meetings or virtual office hours to large webinars and conferences.

With WebEx, you can shar epresentations, applications and your entire desktop with colleagues from around the world.

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